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Shari's Hugs vests and blankets are custom-made to fit each wearer's needs.  The weight and size varies depending on the size of the person.  Only premium weight material (poly pro pellets) are used.  The benefits of using this type of weight is that it allows the finished item to be washed and dried in a machine washer and dryer.  The weights are sewn directly into the item, helping to avoid the loss of the weight. 

CAUTION: The vests and blankets are constructed to be durable, but in the event that the weight pellets come out, discontinue use IMMEDIATELY and contact Shari's Hugs for repair.  

Individually created, custom-made:
Weighted Vests
Weighted Blankets
Weighted lap blankets
Sensory blankets
Kids spica cast clothing line
Other custom-made items-please contact me for more information about a specific need or project you might be interested in. 

What makes Shari’s Hugs better?

Shari’s Hugs service and products are unique in several ways:  

·         personalized service 

·         durable products

·         functionality

·         special design

·         special custom weights

·         other special needs products

You need it – I can make it!

Weighted, Compression, and Combination Vests

Each vest is custom-made to fit the wearer with adjustable Velcro closure, size, and weight amount Weighted vests are constructed from my patterns in denim. Each portion of weight is sewn in sections, with each section weighed to ensure appropriate weight amounts.  The vest closures are made out of wide, heavy duty Velcro at the sides and shoulders to allow for ease of movement and fit within the size range.  Other custom features can be added for an additional cost.  All clothes are custom-made to fit. Measurements are required before order to ensure the best possible fit.

Weighted Snuggle Blankets and Lap Pads

Shari's Hugs Weighted Snuggles (my version of weighted blankets) are constructed similarly to the vests in that the weighted sections are carefully weighted and balanced. Each section is distributed evenly throughout the blanket.  Optional fabric choices for the blankets are chosen according to the individual’s needs.  Blanket fabric options include fleece, flannel and cotton.  The lap blankets are standard sized 14” x 22” and weigh 2 pounds.  Other sizes can be custom ordered.

DISCLAIMER: Though many individuals have shown great progress and benefit with wearing a weighted vest or using a weighted blanket, they do not work for everyone.  The decision to use a weighted product is best made with a therapist, such as an occupational therapist and would be best used in conjunction with a therapy program.  
7.63% sales tax will be added on to total order amount.  

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